Industrial Measurement

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VMT Industrial Measurement
When things need to be not just exact but absolutely precise. As providers of mobile measuring services, we offer a comprehensive, complete package comprising consulting, maintenance, servicing and equipment which we put together for each of our customers, tailored precisely to suit their individual needs.
Whether it‘s for the measurement of individual parts or the commissioning of a measurement system for an entire production line – thanks to decades of expertise and cutting-edge equipment, we at IMS can ensure operating safety and reliability.
With our comprehensive knowledge and great wealth of experience in handling projects worldwide, we are able to provide you with the best possible advice, to prepare measurement concepts that are tailored to your requirements.
Brunson metrology instruments and accessories | SpatialAnalyzer 3D Measurement and analysis software: The high-precision hardware and software products of our cooperation partners have been successfully used for many years in the optimisation of various measurement tasks.

Combining Skills

A precise measuring service is the result of the combination of the most modern measuring technology and experienced staff.