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Tricky measurements that delay you? Now there is the right target holder from Brunson for it.

Brunson has added three new SMR target holders to its innovative range of measurement accessories. Each one has been developed to make complicated measurements easier but with the same precise results that you expect from Brunson.

Permanent floor mount adapter:

This 1.5THF-C floor mount adapter allows you to install a permanent mount adapter on the floor or wall without the need for epoxy or other adhesives.

Flexible Multi-Adapter Kit:

Our new THIP target holder kit with interchangeable pins makes it simple and fast to switch between 0.5″ and 1.5“ SMRs at the same position.

Bring your SMRs to new heights:

Our 1.5THP pole adapters are handy when you have to measure something that is either too high or too far away to reach without assistance. They fit to most standard extension poles, hold 1.5″ SMRs and can also be used with our lanyard kits to secure the reflector.