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SA project dialogue

The SpatialAnalyzer measuring and analysis software from the American producer, New River Kinematics, has become one of the most important software packages in measurement.

In the meantime, it has also established itself in the European area and among other things is becoming more and more the standard in aircraft construction. We have to also thank the users for this status, as many extensions and functions are based on their feedback.

VMT GmbH is not only responsible for selling the SpatialAnalyzer software in Europe, it also offers service, support and training.

To promote the exchange of experience with SpatialAnalyzer and to remain in continuous dialogue with the users, since 2009 we have been organizing the SA project dialogue. In the same way, we also take this opportunity to provide training in the new functions and report on further developments already carried out or planned. We pass on feedback of all participants to New River Kinematics immediately, and many have already been implemented.


Both SpatialAnalyzer users and interested companies are invited.